Drop It is a short music film focused around the editorial shoot of Age of Style. The film explores the juxtaposition of age of the model and the styling of clothing, and is expressed through organic dancing to the music. The trio of elements complement each other creating a dynamic and energetic piece.

Drop It

The Devil is in the Beats

The Devil is in the Beats is a short stop motion film that explores lighting and digital manipulation through graphic styling and unconventional detail. The Film was edited using iMovie software and the stop motion images were created from the Digital Styling photo shoot and Adobe Photoshop.


Pandemic is a short film based around light, styling and architecture. A photographic version of the film can be found through the Photography section under the 'Pandemic' button. The film was shot at Manors car park in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and was edited using iMovie. 

The Fluxxe Collective

The Fluxxe Collective is a consultancy and catalyst to creative individuals looking to improve their portfolio and secure work. This film was made to showcase the services of the consultancy, as well as promote the work of Client A, Jack Cousens.

Burberry Video Lab

Burberry Video Lab was created as a proposed cinematography exhibition hosted at Somerset House, London for the Burberry brand. This is the final output video I put together to present and pitch the various aspects of the event proposal. To see more details on this project please click on the 'Conceptual Projects' link at the top of the page. 

Hip Rah Yah

An investigative piece filmed around Newcastle documenting the mergence of private school educated 'Rah' types with the hip hop and 90's trends. Created to be taken tongue in cheek with light humour, as well as being an informative film on youth culture. Filmed in April 2012. Created as a joint project by Jack Cousens, Beth Champ, Sheena Darby and Vicky Carter.

Photographic Showreel

The Photographic Showreel promotional video was created under the project of The Fluxxe Collective and showcases my photographic work of 2013. The showreel aims to showcase the diversity of my photography and quickly enables the viewer to see my working style and aesthetic.  

Film Showreel

The Film Showreel promotional video was created under the project of The Fluxxe Collective and showcases my film work of 2013.