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I have lead coaching on a 121 level managing direct reports and business identified 'rising stars' over a number of years. Additionally to this, the below showcase professional programmes I have had leadership roles in. Professional coaching and people development is a real passion and I am driven to develop my influence and reach further in this field.

OSS Retail Academy 


The overarching aim of the Academy is to take outstanding retail managers and make then outstanding retail leaders. We do this by enhancing the delegate’s understanding and management of the five key retail resources: People, Money, Merchandise, Marketing and Retail Channels. 


The programme inspires delegates to consider how they can more successfully affect the retail  environment in which they work, specifically; their own performance, the performance of their team and their ability to influence the commercial performance of their part of the business.


DCK Emerging Leaders


I designed and launched the DCK Emerging Leaders coaching academy in 2019, with guidance from the business L&D Manager and HR Director. The academy was designed to develop colleagues identified with high potential in both a professional and personal capacity, delivered to support the culture 'DCK DNA' and business strategy.

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