Catharsis is a catalytic portfolio publication, developed as part of The Fluxxe Collective. The publication creatively showcases the work I compiled between January and May 2013. All photographic material, styling, art direction, retouching, layout styling and print detailing was designed and actualised by myself. 


Portfolio Newspaper

The Portfolio Newspaper was created as part of The Fluxxe Collective. The newspaper showcases my photographic, styling, art direction and retouching work created between January and May 2013.

Dippe Fluxxe

Dippe Fluxxe is an anti-consumerist based creative publication that explores the realms of diverse fashion and design. All art direction, coordination, styling, photography, retouching, written content, layout, branding and print design was executed by myself. The publication was exhibited at Northumbria University in the Design School foyer.

i-D Magazine​

This Androgyny issue of i-D Magazine was created in autumn of 2011. All layouts and print details were designed by myself, as well as the written content and all aspects of the editorial shoot 'Diamond Dogs'. The issue was created to mirror the style of i-D and create a commercial magazine as a themed issue.