The Fluxxe Collective


The Fluxxe Collective is a catalyst and consultancy to visionary individuals looking to gain lucrative work in the creative industry. The focus of the consultancy is to develop the work of creative professionals by creating a portfolio, networking kit, online presence and film. The Fluxxe Collective also offer a production service to polish the portfolio content.

The consultancy features heavy clinical and pharmaceutical branding which follows every aspect of the consultancy. The Fluxxe Collective has three sectors which are Consultancy, Catalyst and Collaboratioon. Consultancy deals with the creation of a networking kit, as well as professional development. Catalyst deals with the portfolio aspects to help promote the client, which includes a publication, online presence and film. Collaboration involves creative production of content to be showcased. 

The Fluxxe Collective developed 'Catharsis' as a creative publication, as well as networking material and a portfolio newspaper.

The Fluxxe Collective advert, showcasing all services can be seen below.