Uncommon Souls is a brand I independently designed and created in February 2018. The brand launched in June 2018 on ASOS and is now available on both ASOS and Zalando.

Below is the AW19 Look Book for Uncommon Souls in which I lead the creative and marketing teams to complete. I am fully responsible for all brand operations, leading a team in Buying, Design, Merchandising and Marketing.

Uncommon Souls is a unique fashion label focussed on delivering innovative and genderless jewellery and accessories. Designed for trend conscious post-millennials, the brand offers fashionable and contemporary styles, whilst challenging the traditional hard-lined gender divides of the jewellery and accessories market. 

Taking influence from street style, social media trends and youth culture attitudes - Uncommon Souls offer unique designs at affordable prices. Uncommon Souls collections are androgynous, effortless and designed to elevate your individual style.

The range can be viewed at ASOS.

AW19 Look Book